About our Riding

(a) the County of Elgin;

(b) that part of the County of Middlesex comprised of:

(i) the Township of Thames Centre;
(ii) that part of the City of London lying southerly of a line described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the westerly limit of said city with Dingman Creek; thence generally easterly along said creek to the westerly production of Southdale Road West; thence easterly along said production, Southdale Road West and Southdale Road East to White Oak Road; thence southerly along White Oak Road to Exeter Road; thence easterly along Exeter Road to Meg Drive; thence northerly along said drive to Jalna Boulevard; thence westerly along said boulevard to Ernest Avenue; thence northerly along said avenue to Bradley Avenue; thence generally easterly along Bradley Avenue to Highbury Avenue South; thence northerly along Highbury Avenue South to the westerly production of Arran Place; thence easterly along said production, Arran Place and Bradley Avenue to the easterly limit of said city.