Global oil prices set to skyrocket: What is Trudeau’s plan?

September 15, 2019

Canadians are looking for relief at the gas pumps. Trudeau is only making it worse.

With Saudi Arabia set to shut down half its crude production, global oil prices will go through the roof, and take gasoline prices with them.

What does that mean for you? At the pumps, overnight, you could be paying 12 to 25 cents more for gas.

Canadians just can’t afford that.

The question is: What is Trudeau’s plan?

We know the carbon tax is going up. Trudeau’s environment minister Cathrine McKenna confirmed it. And just today, Liberal MP Marco Mendicino refused to answer questions on how much it will go up

Yesterday, Conservatives revealed that Trudeau’s carbon tax hike will add 31 cents a litre to the price of gas. So at a time when gas prices are set to shoot up, Trudeau’s plan is to actually make it worse.

Andrew Scheer and the Conservative will scrap the carbon tax, putting more money in your pockets so you can get ahead.

This situation of global uncertainty and speculation is also exactly why Canada needs to build pipelines to get Canadian oil to global markets and to work to greater energy independence.

We cannot put the bottom line of Canadians at risk.

Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to build a national energy corridor and to make Canada energy independent by 2030.

Under the Trudeau Liberals, Canada hasn’t built a single inch of pipeline. Instead, Justin Trudeau levelled a punishing carbon tax, making Canada’s oil and gas sector less competitive, further driving up the price of gas for Canadians.

Justin Trudeau has even gone so far as to say he want to “phase-out” Canada’s oil and gas sector and that high gas prices are “exactly what we want.”

There are a number of Liberal candidates, running for Justin Trudeau, who are opposed to any oil and gas development:

  • Justin Trudeau’s star candidate, Steven Guilbeault, has been on the record a number of times opposing the TMX pipeline expansion.
  • Estelle Hjertaas, the Liberal candidate in Prince Albert, tweeted “[Justin Trudeau] it’s up to you to say no to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain” and “False #oilprice narrative used to scare Canadians into accepting Trans Mountain pipeline expansion”
  • Karina Gould, a Trudeau cabinet minister, tweeted “It’s time to landlock Alberta’s tar sands”

What is Justin Trudeau’s plan to protect Canadian drivers and get Canadian oil to global markets?

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