Trudeau’s candidate continues to support individual with known antisemitic views

According to B’nai Brith Canada, Justin Trudeau’s candidate Iqra Khalid continues to associate with known anitsemite Amin El-Maoued, who advocates for violence and discrimination against the Jewish community.

Khalid was forced to apologize last year for giving El-Maoued a certificate of appreciation from Justin Trudeau. At the time Khalid claimed she condemned his antisemitic views.

But we now know her apology was a lie.

Recently Khalid attended an event at the home of El-Maoued. He confirmed in social media posts that Khalid apologized to him for condemning his antisemitism. El-Maoued blames the “Zionist lobby” for forcing Khalid to having to issue a public apology.

In response to this news, Khalid says that she accepts that El-Maoued is not antisemtic, despite the fact that he uses antisemitic language and leads rallies to call for the destruction of Israel.

El-Maoued is active in the Liberal Party of Canada, donating and attending party conventions with Justin Trudeau.

Antisemites like Khalid and El-Maoued feel they have a home in Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

But what Jewish Canadians are asking is: why did Justin Trudeau fire antisemite Hassan Guillet but continues to support Iqra Khalid?