Yesterday, Justin Trudeau was in British Columbia to talk about housing, but he failed to mention the secret Liberal plan to introduce a capital gains tax.

In 2018, a senior Trudeau Liberal MP heavily involved in housing policy wrote up a plan for a 50 per cent tax on hard-working Canadians selling their homes.

Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt said the secret homeowner tax is exactly the kind of costly new measures a re-elected Liberal government will force upon Canadians.

“This new homeowner tax would cost Canadians who sell their homes thousands of dollars,” said Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt. “In public, Justin Trudeau pretends to want to help homeowners, but behind closed doors, his team is planning to hit them hard with a new tax that will cost them thousands. As usual, Trudeau is not as advertised.”

Behind closed doors, the Trudeau Liberals have also proposed soda tax that would increase the cost of some of the most popular drinks in Canada.

The Trudeau Liberals also have a secret plan to hike the carbon tax, which the Minister of Environment slipped up and made public. So-far, they have refused to answer any questions about just how high this carbon tax will go, but the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer found they would have to increase their carbon tax by five times in order to meet their Paris Targets.

“Justin Trudeau has spent the last four years making life harder and more expensive for Canadian families. If the Trudeau Liberals are re-elected, they are just going to dip back into the taxpayers’ pocket to pay for their out of control spending,” added Raitt. “Only Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Conservative have a plan to put more money in your pockets to help you get ahead.”