Trudeau’s Carbon Tax hike will cost Canadians hundreds of dollars more each year

September 14, 2019

$2/litre gasoline is just around the corner

New research from the Conservative Party of Canada reveals Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax increase will hit Canadians hard, adding hundreds of dollars to their bottom line.

Trudeau’s environment minister Catherine McKenna just recently revealed the Trudeau Liberal’s hidden agenda to increase their Carbon Tax.

Canadians are now wondering just how high it will go – and what it will mean for their bank accounts.

We did the math.

The carbon tax right now sits at $20/tonne and will have to go up to $100/tonne after 2022, and as high as  $300/tonne by 2050 for the Liberals to reach their environment targets. The Parliamentary Budget Officer confirmed the carbon tax would have to be $102/tonne to meet the targets.

Given Trudeau has confirmed a carbon tax hike is on the table, the Conservative Party has conducted research to determine just how much it would cost the average Canadian household.

At the PBO’s $102/tonne level Trudeau’s Carbon Tax would:

  • Increase the cost of natural gas for an average household by $469 a year
  • Add 31 cents/litre to the price of gasoline.

That means $2/litre gasoline is just around the corner if the Trudeau Liberals are re-elected. At the end of the day, it’s Canadians who will bear the cost of Justin Trudeau’s taxes as the price of every day essentials are increased:

  • In Ontario, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $1,151.
  • In New Brunswick, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $959.
  • In Manitoba, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $1,116.
  • In Saskatchewan, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $1,930.
  • In Alberta, the five-fold increase to the carbon tax would cost you $2,002.

“Justin Trudeau has proven that he can’t be trusted to help Canadians get ahead,” said Pierre Poilievre, MP for Carleton. “If he’s given four more years, his carbon tax will cost Canadians thousands of dollars more every year. Life is expensive enough for Canadian families without Justin Trudeau costing them even more.”

Poilievre highlighted Trudeau’s Carbon Tax increase at Abby Hill Farms, a country market in Ottawa that has been hit hard by the carbon tax.

Having campaigned in 2015 to offer “real help to Canada’s middle class and all those working hard to join it,” Trudeau is instead making life more difficult for the very families he promised to support.

“Only Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives have a plan to live within our means and put more money in your pockets so you can get ahead,” Poilievre said.