Trudeau’s secret plan to tax your home: Wheels are already in motion

September 17, 2019

Justin Trudeau’s plan to take up to half of the profits from the sale of your home began back in 2016 when he started making Canadians report the sale of their homes to the Canada Revenue Agency.

LINK: Sale of your principal residence

Canadians know that whenever the CRA gets involved it can only mean one thing: More money out of their pockets.

The question is: Why else would the Liberals need to know how much money you make on the sale of your home if they didn’t want to take a chunk of it?

In 2018, behind closed doors in a Liberal caucus meeting, Justin Trudeau’s housing expert Adam Vaughan proposed a secret plan to implement a tax on up to 50% of the profits on the sale of your home.

This official policy proposal from the Liberal caucus promotes “increasing the capital gains” tax on your home and details a “50% tax after one year of ownership, 25% after two years, 15% after 3 years, 10% after 4 years, 5% after five.”

Brace yourselves Canada: Justin Trudeau is coming for your wallet, only after the election, when he doesn’t need your vote, but still needs your money.

FACT: Trudeau will need more of your money to pay for his never ending deficits

FACT: Trudeau’s candidates have already admitted the carbon tax will keep going up.

FACT: Trudeau said he’d lower taxes on the middle class. Instead, he’s raised them on 80% of middle class families

FACT: Trudeau said he’d balance the budget in 2019. Instead, he’s running massive deficits that will mean higher taxes.

You just can’t trust Justin Trudeau. He is not as advertised.

If Justin Trudeau is re-elected, life will continue to get harder and more expensive with endless tax hikes to pay for his deficits and out-of-control spending.

Only Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to put more money in your pockets to help you get ahead.